Please Help Us Stay Green

Water is the Island’s most precious resource

The unseasonably hot summer of 2015 caused 10 year lows in the Town of Friday Harbor’s reservoir. This heighten the Island’s focus on water conservation. Despite being surrounded by water, drinking water is precious. The town’s reservoir and dam are twelve miles west of downtown. Most households outside the town limits rely on wells. Some communities use rainfall catchment systems, purchase trucked potable water, or desalinate water from the straits.

In addition to the water conservation measures already in place at the Harrison House, we set out to do our part. We proactively changed our dish washing procedures, installed new faucets and replaced leaky toilets. In one month we were shocked to learn we saved 14,000 gallons of water between the Harrison House Suites, Tucker House Inn and Coho Restaurant. It made us realize that a few small changes in behavior can have a huge impact.

Thank you for helping do your part when you visit

  • Consider reusing your towel. If it’s on the floor, we’ll replace it.
  • Bed linens are changed every three days. Let us know if you prefer to use them throughout your stay.
  • Turn off the water while brushing your teeth and bathing.
  • Lower the heat and turn off lights and appliances when you leave your guest room.
  • Draw the drapes to keep out sun or open them to warm the room.
  • Use refillable water bottles. We have filtered water for your convenience.
  • Please recycle paper, glass, plastic and aluminium.
  • Take your used hand crafted soap bars with you to enjoy at home.
  • Return unused maps and brochures to the rack.
  • Donate a used paperback to our book rack or to our little free library down Nichols Street.

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