News from San Juan Island’s Bed and Breakfast – Tucker House

As the town is preparing for its Centennial next year, the Town of Friday Harbor is busy researching and inventorying all the old houses. Last week, I received a copy of the wedding picture of Clarence and Marie Tucker dated December 23, 1900. I am excited to track down the originals that are known to still be on the Island. I also received a close up photo of the Tucker House. I presume it was taken shortly after it was built – 1898. The photo shows a white pickett fence that circled the entire block. Looking up the hill, what is now the upper Tucker House is nothing but an empty field and across the property, where the Harrison House currently stands is also baron. The only other house shown in the photo which is still standing is the private residence on the corner of Harrison and Wabass. It is always interesting to learn more about these great old houses…..if these walls could only talk.

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